« A fast-paced online Arena Brawler, where you force your enemies out of a shrinking arena»

Corroded is an arena brawler inspired by the Warlocks mod from Warcraft 3, where two to eight players fight and push each other out of a shrinking arena surrounded by a hazardous environment. We supplement this by introducing dynamic levels, and focus on speed and a streamlined skill system, giving it a more arcade-like feel.

A game of Corroded consists of several short rounds. Between each one, you can spend credits earned from fighting and destroying opponents, into new abilities or upgrades. This intensifies the game as it progresses and makes for more diverse playstyles. Once all rounds have played out, the winner is crowned.

Concept from the World of Corroded

«Panem et circenses». Bread and circus are what the people crave after the long wars that transformed the earth into a harsh dystopia. The favored attraction of entertainment is watching and gambling on robot fights in huge arenas. These arenas are usually owned and run by the same people that provide the "bread", the local ruler or bigwig in one of the several remaining bastions of humanity. Everyone that can afford to make a robot and enter the arena, stands on equal ground once the game starts. While it's costly to get a robot, it can be a way out of poverty for some, while the rich see it more as a mere sport, or a possible marketing opportunity.
November Build Ingame Footage
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