#2 Update – July 2015 – Frozen Depths Map and beyond

So after a summer hiatus from the monthly updates, we can finally show you some new stuff that we have been working on, and though it’s a little less then the last update, we still got some cool stuff that we want to show.



Frozen Depths

Obligatory ice level

First up we got some improvements to the ever name changing frozen “something” map.

It has changed quite a lot visually  since the last time we showed it of, sporting some new icebergs, an actual bounding box of ice encasing the arena, some reactors and other misc stuff.
We have implemented it into the current build and set up the skeletal mechanics of the map. We play tested it internally, and while it’s fun and has a decent change in survival tactics  from the Zhukov arena, we decided to up the size, but more of that in a later update.

In addition to the implementing the frozen map, we have also started sketching up the third map.


Tha Ruu river

Somewhere in the overgrown jungle of what previously was known as South America.
We thought it would be interesting with some kind of jungle themed arena, and with inspiration from the amazon rain forest, we though it would be natural to test out some kind of river arena with a long thin platform.
Since the platform design is not final, and we still haven’t 100% decided on how the arena should progress/shrink, it’s  safe to say that it will be somewhere in the ball park of the concept below.

Tha Ruu.. No Sandstorm




We promised some more of Steel Mantis in this update, but resource displacement for our upcoming play test have put him on the back burner for the moment. We have some parts of it ready, but it feels a bit too early to showcase it just yet. However some more info about him will come in an all robots blog post in the following weeks.



The UI had some updates as well, with the addition of a social system, some in-game stats, currency, and some some updates to the lobby finder.
Proper in-game options is on its way, but as of now we have added some bare bones sound sliders, vsync, full screen and resolution options.


The room is a 6/6 in my heart

Big head mode incoming

Sadly, this is all we can show for now . A lot of work has been put down to make the abilities and game more stable. On the next update we will show you some new abilities, a working talent system and a new  gameplay video.



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  1. Good to know that you guys have been working on the core of the game, and instead of only the exteior look of the game

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