#1 Update – May 2015

The last couple of months we have spent a great deal of time optimizing the game and upgrading the visuals to make the game look more appealing.

The second arena, Sapphire Blue, is also close to being finished, along with the game’s third robot, a long ranged specialist called the Steel Mantis.

Features today:

One arena

  • The Zhukov Arena, in the city of Pavlograd, former Ukraine. A rotating, circle shaped arena surrounded by lava. The arena consists of three outer rings, which descends into the lava in intervals, making the arena smaller and smaller as the round progresses.



Two robots

  • Red Dwarf – a short range class robot, with abilities like the Power fist and Gravity Well
  • Scrapper – a mid range assault class, with abilities like the Quantum Laps Field and Charge
  • At the moment each robot have 9 abilities to choose from, with a total of 15 abilities


The lobby 

The lobby is where the players chose which robot and map they want to play after they have found a game. The players can scroll to the available robots on the upper right side. Selecting a robot will display the selected robot’s stats and abilities on the lower right side. The robots the opponents choose will display on the podiums in the background. The visuals of this menu is work in progress, and will be updated during the course of the development.



Score system

There are several ways to earn points during a game of Corroded. If you eliminate one of your opponents, damage them, or are the last robot standing in the round. The players will also gain points during the whole round, as long as he or she is alive. Each arena will also have unique objectives that will give the players extra points. Examples of this can be to hold a certain area of the map the longest, pick up an object and so on.

Between each round, the players will receive “money” based on their round score. This can be used to upgrade the robot with new abilities.
When the game is finished, the player with the highest game score will be the winner. The game score is the total of all rounds.



Upcoming features in next update (July 2015)

A new arena, the Sapphire blue. An arena placed on an abandoned research facility in the Arctic


A new robot, the Steel Mantis, a long ranged specialist, with abilities like the Cluster Energy rockets



User accounts, with stats and friend lists

  • Each player must create an account to play Corroded
  • On the account the player will be able to check his or her’s stats, including games played, games won, player level and more. The player will also be able to add friends to the account.


  • In order to make the game fun for everyone, from experienced players to beginners, matchmaking is essential. In that way players can meet other players with similar skills and rank, instead of inexperienced players facing up against skilled players, making the game too hard for newcomers, and too easy for those who have played the game for a while.
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