ROBOTS #2 Red Dwarf and O-din


Origin: Russia/Ukraine

During the Colder Wars, the tension between Russia and USA was at it’s absolute peak. This was the first time intelligent robots were used in warfare, and new, high-tech weaponry was under constant development. As the Americans had developed the floating mine, the Russians needed a way to remove this threat without risking human lives. Their solution was a robust, heavy armored deminingbot called the Red Dwarf.

When the war was over, the Americans had destroyed over 50 Red Dwarfs, and only a few remained. As the need for the deminingbots wasn’t present anymore, the Ukrainian communist leader Yuiry Zhukov decided to buy the remaining ones, as he needed a robot to represent his newly built Zhukov Arena.

The first seasons in URC was tough for Red Dwarf. In a league where projectiles and long distance attacks were the norms, his close combat expertise came up to short. But after a couple of modifications and a set of new abilities, he finally got his revenge, and in the year 2379, he became the overall winner for the first time.





Send out a harpoon at target location. Can target a player, obstacle, or the ground. Activate again to charge towards hit target.


Activate a shield around the robot, which absorbs one projectile. Can be upgraded to absorb all projectiles.


A quick long punch in front of you.


Starts rotating the upper body at a high speed, creating an expanding gravitational field pulling enemies towards you.


Standard Dwarf

Little Dwarf

Ancient Dwarf


Origin: The Nordic Commomwealth 

O-din was originally part of the Nordic Robot League and was built by the famous Norwegian engineer Olaf Monsen. Inspired by the Norse god, he was among the highest ranked robots in the league for several seasons.

Before the season of 2382, a big change in the league was made. “One can not enter the league with a robot that makes use of any kind of melee weaponry”, the ruled stated. For O-din this meant he couldn’t use his axe anymore. Olaf decided to give it a try, but soon discovered that O-din was useless without his axe. After losing four games in a row, Olaf chose to withdraw him from the league.

After a couple of months, Olaf was contacted by the URC. They had heard that O-din was not participating in a tournament at the moment, and wanted him to try out for the league. On the first try he ended up in the same group as Steel Mantis, and after a historically close battle, Steel Mantis drew the longest straw. The next year, O-din was back for another try. This time he won the qualification with ease and became an official URC fighter.





Returns your axe back to you, knocking and damaging players on the way back. Can be upgraded to give you a speed boost on return.


Teleport to the location of your axe. Can be upgraded to gain two charges.


A quick axe swipe in front of you dealing high damage and medium knockback.


Power up your axe with the energy of ragnarok and cleave the ground into impassable terrain, dealing massive knockback and damage.


Standard Odin

Data Miner

ROBOTS #1 Scrapper and Steel Mantis


Origin: USA

Being a hero has always been a big part of Scrapper. He was originally created to serve at the Robotic Police Force of New York. His high speed and charge ability made him a great asset to the force. He was a real hero to the people of New York and was even voted robot of the year in Time magazine. When his human partner Scott Axelson retired, there was no need for Scrapper in the force anymore. New, and more advanced models were on the way, and Scrapper was deactivated and locked up in a New Jersey storage facility.

The years went, and Scott, who was now living alone after the loss of his wife, couldn’t get his mind of Scrapper. Scrapper had been for sale a couple of years, and when Scott heard rumors about an upcoming Robot League, he decided to sell his house and buy Scrapper. He signed Scrapper up for the URC(Ultimate Robot Championships), and Scrapper ended up being the first overall winner of the league.



Fires a flaming projectile that splits into three lesser projectiles, dealing high damage and medium knockback. Holds two charges, but can be upgraded to four.


Roll out a carpet that holds three explosions who knock and damage enemies.


Charge at high speed towards selected destination, knocking and damaging enemies you hit on the way, dealing high damage and high knockback.




Standard Scrapper

Undead Scrapper


Origin: Brazil

It’s been said that the Rainforest Conflict was the least noticeable, but at the same time most important war since World War 3. From the outside, it could seem like a war between those who needed the rainforest for their own personal gains, and those who wanted to save it. But in reality, it was a conflict between the social groups in the country, as the gap between rich and poor had grown to an extreme in Brazil.. The Amazon Freedom Fighters was a guerilla group that consisted mostly of people from the favela in Rio. The group managed to put together an army of over 300 geriljabots from various scrap found around the streets of Rio. This outnumbered the enemies robot army and the Amazon Freedom Fighters was victorious.

After the war ended, most of the damaged robots were left behind. Steel Mantis was one of them. He was found by some youths several years after the war. His condition was poor, overgrown with grass and bushes, rusty and severely damaged. The three friends who found him decided to bring him back to their village. Although they didn’t have much money, they had the skills to restore him and qualify him for the URC. Mantis became a huge success in the games, and he proved to be a great source of income for the owners. Eventually, his skills on the battlefield earned them enough to finance their own arena in the Amazonas, Tha Ruu.






Fires a small blast of air in front of you, knocking yourself in the opposite direction. Will also knock enemies hit by the blast, dealing medium knockback to them.


Fires a cluster of rockets to target location, dealing high AOE damage and medium knockback.


Fires a wide laser beam, with a powerful knockback and high damage. Has a one second wind up time.


Standard Steel Mantis

Steel Matey


Early Access release in April!

Hi, guys and gals! This month has been crazy! Last week we announced that we’ll release Corroded on Early Access in April, and this week we published our STEAM PAGE. This means that you can finally add Corroded to your Steam wishlist! The exact release date will be announced soon, so stay tuned and be sure to follow us on social media.


Early Bird Edition

If you visit our Steam page, you can see that we have something called the”early bird edition”. In this pack, you’ll get a lot of goodies, like all current and future robots, 6 skins and of course the opportunity to play Corroded during early access. But wait, there’s more! In addition, you will also receive an Early Bird profile image.”Wow, that’s a heck of a deal!” you might think. But hold on to your shorts, because there’s more! Everyone who buys the Early Bird Edition, will receive an unique skin for Red Dwarf, that’s only available for those who buy this pack. So what are you waiting for??! Oh right, the release date. Well then, you now what to do in the meantime, go to our Steam page and add Corroded to your wishlist.


And last but not least

We’re proud to show you our Early Access release trailer for Corroded!


Sorry folks, it’s taken a bit longer between our updates than intended. At least we have a good reason ..Or maybe not. At least we’ve been keeping busy, let’s go with that!

A lot has happened, and a lot is going to happen

Some of you have probably seen the updates on our other social media channels regarding the new robots, new skins, some new abilities, and a bunch of new visual improvements, as well as us closing the servers until Early Access release on Steam (because we’re closing in).

For those of you who didn’t here’s a recap of some of the updates:
We made a new robot and called it “Tee” (Regrettably, should’ve gone with “T-Dog”), it’s a tank-like robot which shoots plasma projectiles from its twin cannons. Its ability design is heavily inspired by the Transformers franchise, just kidding, but seriously, it does transform. It has the ability to transform its barrels into a single, more powerful one, which shoots larger and stronger plasmas for a short duration. These plasmas do not only deal more damage, but they are excellent for destroying hostile projectiles too.

Tee is excited to release Corroded!

It can use its cannons as thrusters and ram opponents, as well as point them downwards and hover above enemies and obstacles. And for last, the barrel transformation which transforms the barrel into a vacuuming device which sucks in other projectiles, only to fire them back out afterward.

We’ve implemented numerous social features as, a friends list, profile inspection, profile icons, including some improvements to the chat. The friend list implements Steam, and will include your friends on the platform, this also means you can use some of the usual features, like joining a friends custom game or inviting one to yours. You will be able to inspect your friend’s statistics to check up on how well he/she has been playing. Of course, profile inspection depends on tracking game statistics, which is also something we’ve been working on, and will be ready for Early Access.

Visual improvements

All arenas have undergone changes visually, some to a bigger degree than others. One of the biggest differences is probably Frozen Dephs, and the outskirts and the acid surrounding of Tha Ruu where the arena has been polished further, both artistically and performance wise. The camera angles have also been changed, we’re currently testing out a higher angle, which looks more aesthetically pleasing. It will make it easier to look behind walls.

Frozen Depths


Sound & Music

That’s right folks, our trusty guys in Plosiv have been working hard to create sound effects for us. Up until now most of the sounds have been placeholders, however, now we’re getting studio quality sounds. We also have a guy working on our music, Kristian Brastein, and we’re really looking forward to showing it to you guys once it all comes together!


Now that should cover the most noticeable changes we’ve been working on, but there’s also the backend part of things.

As of now the current way of doing things have been by having a player hosting the game, and the other players connecting with the host through a cloud-based API. Basically, this means that one player controls the progression of the game, and is responsible for telling the others when the round is over, and when the game is won, etc. There is also a bunch of other important things that the clients have power over, which makes it real easy to manipulate and cheat. This is why we’re currently working on getting this logic running on game servers instead, and we’re nearly there!
Right now we already have most of the crucial logic made, leaving aside ranked mode & Matchmaking rating systems(Will come at a later time, there will, of course, be a simple matchmaker for quick play in the beginning).

And then there is the everlasting hunt for performance killers and bugs. We’ve actually made some progress here, and the performance should be a bit better. We will continue improving it as well until it’s playable on most computers. There are still a lot of things we can and will do, some really simple things, as add more quality settings. So have no fear, Corroded will not kill your computer on our watch.

So yeah, hope this update brought some insight into what we’ve been working on lately.
The game will be released in early access soon
Big ups, and mad respect,
– The Encircle Team

# 4 Update March 2016

It’s a new month and the time has come for a new update.  Since last time we have focused on getting the new arena and Julez finished and implemented into the game. Some other minor changes has also been made.

Tha Ruu

CloseShoot3 04.03

Tha Ruu is finally playable, and looks pretty darn bad ass!



The newest member of the Corroded family is now available to play. This close-quarter robot jumps around the battle field like a maniac, using his big arm to knock away his opponents.


Changes on the pirate skin for Mantis

We gave this skin a new head. He now got a beard, like a real pirate.


New Abilities


 Hover over ability icon to read about them


 Unique abilities


#3 Update February 2016

It’s time for a small update on the game’s progress. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for Corroded, with an upcoming Closed Beta and the planned Early Access release.



Julez Showoff

Julez is a close quarter robot, that relies heavily on close ranged combat. He differs from the other robots by not having a ranged weapon attached to his hand, but instead uses his tail as a gun.



Pirate skin for Mantis


Ahoy! A new skin is made available for the Steel Mantis. This pirate themed skin comes with a cannon and its own parrot!


Tha Ruu:

01.02 LongShoot1

The third arena in the game is nearly finished. The mechanics are in place, but visually the arena needs a bit more work. More info about Tha Ruu to come.

Updated visuals in Lobby


Some changes has been made in the lobby. The players no longer stand on “hovering” turntables, but are instead placed on top of buildings. More info about the chosen arena is also implemented, and the Ready-button is made more clear.


Drag and drop


It’s now possible to drag abilities to whatever hotkey you want on the action bar. This opens up for even more combinations of abilities than before.


Spillexpo 2015


Spillexpo is the largest video game expo in Norway, and has since 2012 gathered young and old gamers to Lillestrøm outside of Oslo. The expo is basically a Norwegian version of expos like Gamescon and E3, in a much smaller scale of course. This year, organizers estimated that 20,000 would visit the fair the three days it took place. There were 14 indie companies that exhibited their games at the expo, including Encircle Games.

Our both at Spillexpo. Very lan-ish.

Our booth at Spillexpo. Very lan-ish.

The participants played against each other on 5 PCs, and it was great to see how much people enjoyed the game. The fact that a large proportion of those who tested came back several times to play more, shows just how fun, and what great potential Corroded have.


An enthusiastic player who shows frustration over being killed in Corroded. Photo by Alex Temina


At times there were such a big crowd at our booth, that we simply lost control over who was the next in line to play.

People lining up to play Corroded.

People lining up to play Corroded.



Trying to decide which abilities to pick.


We would like to end this post by apologizing for the start issues we had on the first day of the expo, and for the power problems we struggled with at times. Had we arrived a little earlier and planned things better, this would most likely have been avoided. Hopefully we have learned from our mistakes next time. But although the rough start, the expo ended up being a big success for us, and possibly the most positive and motivating experience we have had since we started development. So thanks to everyone who took the time to test the game, hope all of you had the same great experience as we had. See y’all next year!




Did you now that there are three different classes of robots to chose from in Corroded? And that every robot will have their own unique abilities along with the shared ones? Well, in this post we will go more in depth of the different classes, and let you meet the three robots that we have in the game today.




Close Quarters

This is a class who does the most damage and knock-back when it is close to the enemy. With the use of abilities like the Gravity Well and Horizontal Winch Harpoon, the Close Quarter Robot can easily come up close to his opponents.


The Assault class carry more heavy weaponry than the Close Quarter class, and has the ability to deal damage to and to knock-back several enemies at once,  at the same time as he is keeping his distance. The Close Range Grenades and spread shooter are examples of abilities that has a chance to do this.


If you like to keep a good distance to the enemies, and think that lasers and rockets are cool, then the Specialist is the perfect class for you. This class uses long range abilities, and with the tactical retreat jump it can avoid enemy projectiles.



In each class there will be several robots to choose from. The robots will have some class specific abilities and some unique ones, in addition to the shared abilities among all classes. In this section we will talk about the abilities of the three robots we have implemented in the game so far. Keep in mind that the abilities might change or be replaced due to balancing.

Shared abilities

 Hover over ability icon to read about them

plasmaRED plasmaBlue plasmaGreen

  MineVortex2ion S Blast mine


Unique abilities


Red Dwarf




gravity well2



Quantum-laps field2

Close Proximity Granades2


Steel Mantis

Tactical Retreat






#2 Update – July 2015 – Frozen Depths Map and beyond

So after a summer hiatus from the monthly updates, we can finally show you some new stuff that we have been working on, and though it’s a little less then the last update, we still got some cool stuff that we want to show.



Frozen Depths

Obligatory ice level

First up we got some improvements to the ever name changing frozen “something” map.

It has changed quite a lot visually  since the last time we showed it of, sporting some new icebergs, an actual bounding box of ice encasing the arena, some reactors and other misc stuff.
We have implemented it into the current build and set up the skeletal mechanics of the map. We play tested it internally, and while it’s fun and has a decent change in survival tactics  from the Zhukov arena, we decided to up the size, but more of that in a later update.

In addition to the implementing the frozen map, we have also started sketching up the third map.


Tha Ruu river

Somewhere in the overgrown jungle of what previously was known as South America.
We thought it would be interesting with some kind of jungle themed arena, and with inspiration from the amazon rain forest, we though it would be natural to test out some kind of river arena with a long thin platform.
Since the platform design is not final, and we still haven’t 100% decided on how the arena should progress/shrink, it’s  safe to say that it will be somewhere in the ball park of the concept below.

Tha Ruu.. No Sandstorm




We promised some more of Steel Mantis in this update, but resource displacement for our upcoming play test have put him on the back burner for the moment. We have some parts of it ready, but it feels a bit too early to showcase it just yet. However some more info about him will come in an all robots blog post in the following weeks.



The UI had some updates as well, with the addition of a social system, some in-game stats, currency, and some some updates to the lobby finder.
Proper in-game options is on its way, but as of now we have added some bare bones sound sliders, vsync, full screen and resolution options.


The room is a 6/6 in my heart

Big head mode incoming

Sadly, this is all we can show for now . A lot of work has been put down to make the abilities and game more stable. On the next update we will show you some new abilities, a working talent system and a new  gameplay video.




In this blog post we’ll discuss the visual style in Corroded, mainly the in game visuals. and take a look at how the appearance of the game has changed during development.

Our vision is that the visual style of Corroded is to be a mix between a realistic look, and a more cartoonish look. This is to make the game look more appealing to a broader audience, and at the same time make the game a little less serious.

But let’s start from the beginning. When we started developing the game as a school project, we were eager to follow up on our vision to make the game semi-realistic with a cartoony undertone.  But due to the short amount of time, and the fact that Corroded was an overambitious game to make as a school assignment, we didn’t totally put through on that vision.

CorrodedTestBonanza 2014-08-31 13-07-39-37

The upper right corner says pre-pre alpha, but it’s more like pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-we have no idea what we’re doing.

As you can see, the color scheme is not very appealing, the textures are boring to look at and the game doesn’t look interesting at all . The orange stuff surrounding the circles is supposed to be dangerous lava, but instead looks like refreshing orange juice. Another visual issue with this version of the game is the robots, they kind of blend in with the environment, making them really hard to see.


The lava has been upgraded from orange- to carrot juice

After we got our bachelor degree and founded Encircle Games, we decided to rework all the visuals in the game. This is the first draft. The arena certainly looks more appealing then before, and the robots are updated with new models and textures, but still something is missing.The visuals still lack the “wow-factor” that will draw potential players to even try the game. Something we experienced when we play tested Corroded at The Gathering in Hamar. People seem skeptical to try the game, although everybody seemed to enjoy it a lot when they first tried it. So our conclusion was that the game didn’t look visually interesting enough to attract people.


Finally,  lava that looks dangerous.

So we had to sit down and figure out how to make it look even more appealing and interesting. At this point we had started to port the game from Unity 4 to Unity 5, and just by doing so the game looked much better because of Unity 5’s shaders. We also added a great amount of new details to the arena, and for the first time the game had lava that looked like something you don’t want to drink.


Heads-up! There’s a new HUD in town!

The above picture represents the game as it is today, not very big changes since the last version, except from a new, and better looking HUD.  All of the bottom HUD is now in the center of the screen, to make it more accessible. The health bars over your robot is changed to green, while your enemies have red health bars.


As you can see, there have been some major visual improvements, both on the arena and the HUD. It’s also worth mentioning that a new arena will be implemented in the game very soon. That arena is called Sapphire Depths, and will provide a much “colder experience” than  Zhukov Arena.



That’s it for this blog post. Next time we’ll be talking about robots!